Smallest grow box, highest yield

Minigrow is a unique small grow box, optimized to grow and flourish one single plant in a perfect environment. Minigrow is the newest generation grow box. It's designed to be small, safe, easy to control and of high quality. You'll enjoy growing your favorite plant and get a high yield in a small space!

In home

Minigrow is designed to fit any interior small or large, and it's a welcome companion in your living, study or bedroom. Family and friends may not even notice it because Minigrow is inconspicuous: quiet, no light leakage and virtually no odors.


Inside, hypermodern technology enables your favorite plant to produce maximum yield from a square-foot. A smart and powerful light engine is optimized to maximize yield while keeping your plant small. A system of fans and carbon filters (patent pending) are designed to get rid of odors while producing minimal noise. Minigrow Base is specially designed to operate entirely offline, not needing to be connected to any network.

Be in control

Control the Minigrow Base with its intuitive color touch screen display. The smart timer lets you configure day/night cycles over multiple seasons. Experienced growers can even adjust the light spectrum.

Made in Holland

Minigrow is designed and manufactured in Holland. The construction is designed to make the best use of the available space. Parts and components are CE certified and of the highest quality. Safety comes first. That's why Minigrow operates on low voltage, using the same type of power adapter as a laptop. The unique combination of quality, design and technology makes Minigrow the ultimate in-home gadget!



  • Size: 382*400*760 mm (15 x 15.7 x 30”) (w*d*h)
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Door: can be removed completely


  • 30 * 3W Cree and Osram LEDs, actual power consumption approx. 60W
  • Individually adjustable LED groups to manage the light spectrum
  • Full spectrum: 400 - 730 nm, blue enhanced. Ideal spectrum for small and very potent plants
  • Wide lighting angle: high light intensity at a short distance
  • Diffuser panel which can be easily removed or replaced


  • Double set of tailor made activated carbon filters
  • Two high quality low noise Noctua PPC Industrial fans
  • Approx. 120 gram activated coconut carbon per filter
  • Easily replacable activated carbon medium without tools required


  • Color touch screen
  • Minimal setup required
  • Easily configurable timer
  • White light button


  • Power: 19V DC laptop power adapter, CE certified
  • Automatic shutdown at high temperatures
  • Redundant fan configuration


If you live in the Netherlands, you can order Minigrow now from

Minigrow is in the final stages of preparing a web shop for orders outside of the Netherlands. It will go live in December 2017. Drop us an email at and we'll be happy to notify you when the shop goes live.
You will be able to order as soon as the web shop is live. Drop us an email at and we'll be happy to notify you when the shop goes live.
If you live in the Netherlands, you can order Minigrow now at

The web shop will initially open for orders originating out of Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

If you live elsewhere and wish to order Minigrow, feel free to contact us at
For pricing in the Netherlands, please check

The web shop will sell Minigrow Base internationally for EUR 999, including VAT. Additional shipping charges may apply.
Minigrow is designed to optimally grow one plant at a time
Yes! Simply insert a pot with soil and a seed, configure the timer (or use default settings), and start your grow. Water your plant just like you would do with any other plant. Inexperienced growers should start simple and observe how the plant develops. In subsequent grows you can then apply more advanced techniques. Enjoy watching your plant grow from day to day!
Yes! Minigrow lets you get maximum yield from a small grow box. You can apply advanced grow techniques, such as configuring different light spectrums in subsequent grow fases.
Minigrow is best used with plants which require lots of light. The light spectrum inside the Minigrow keeps plants smaller than they would grow outside, but you should still target smaller types of plants.
Minigrow is the smallest grow box currently available. You'll always be able to find a suitable spot in your home.
The lighting, diffusers, filters and air flow are all designed for small space and height. The fixtures and hooks (included with Minigrow) let you use ropes or a scrog frame.
Many of our partners and customers, with varying degrees of experience, have succesfully grown plants in Minigrow.
We advise against growing larger plants, unless you use advanced techniques. Keep in mind that plants don't need to grow tall in order to produce a high yield.
Our panel of users and partners prefer soil based medium because it provides the best ballance in ease, cost, yield and convenience. That said, hydro-phonic is also an option.
You can get seeds from your local or online store. If you are located in Holland or Western Europe, we can recommend
Minigrow uses a safe 'laptop' power device. With all lights switched on, it consumes about 70W. The box uses between 0,75kWh and 1,4 kWh per day. To compare, an average fridge uses 3kWh per day.
Minigrow uses 30 * 3W of the best available Cree and Osram LEDS. These LEDs are more expensive than other brands, but far more effective and durable. Total dissipated power is about 58W. A wide lighting angle and the diffuser spread the light; This is important for small spaces. The light spectrum with enhanced blue is optimized to maximize yield and keep the plant small at the same time. Individually adjustable LED groups can be seperately configured for grow and flower.
The tailor made active carbon filters (patent pending) are the best on the market today. Compared to ordinry carbon filters, they provide better air flow, in addition to being more effective and silent. By having two fans and filters, the effectivity is doubled and the fans don't need to work as hard which reduces noise. The active carbon cartridges are easily replaced without tools.
LEDs produce very intense light. Minigrow uses LEDs with a wide beam angle, which causes the light to spread better as the plant gets more indirect light. This is important in a small space. A diffuser is a panel which causes the plant to get even more indirect light. Minigrow customers and partners have conducted many grows, both with and without diffuser. The diffuser often yielded better results, especially in scrog grows. The diffuser included with Minigrow has a high transparency / diffusion ratio and can be easily removed or replaced.
We know, many devices and gadgets nowdays are controlled using a smartphone or tablet.
With Minigrow Base you get the ultimate grow box which is easy to control and not connected to any network. No need to run through a setup process, pair devices, register an account or remember a password. You simply plug in the power and you're ready to go!
The LEDs normally produce very bright purple light. This is good for the plant, but can be stressfull to your eyes when you open the door to service the plant. With a single tap on the touch screen, you switch to a more convenint white light. Another tap switches the light back to the original setting.
During the introduction period, you receive the grow box pre-assembled and ready to use.
We are very passionate about being innovative. We constantly improve our products to help customers achieve even better results. Our products are designed using modern 3D design and manufacturing processes. We intensively tested many prototypes of Minigrow with dozens of growers. That feedback was used to develop the Minigrow you can now own yourself. We deliberately choose to manufacture in our home country. This assures we can remain highly flexible and innovative.