Minigrow One

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the ultimate one-plant growbox

Winter 2022: Free Heater included with new order!

Mini growbox, Maxi yield

Minigrow One is a unique small growbox, optimised to grow and flourish one plant in a perfect environment. A smart grow box that is easy to control, reliable and very productive. Enjoy growing your favourite plant in the ultimate home grow device!

Fits Anywhere

There is always a suitable place for the Minigrow because of its minimal dimensions. Family and friends may not even notice, since Minigrow One is a super stealth growbox: no sound, no odor and no light. With its dimensions, stealth features and high-quality finish, the Minigrow is a welcome addition to any interior.

Minigrow dimensions

High design. No compromise.

touch screen on growbox
100% Integrated

Minigrow One is fully integrated grow device. All parts are designed to optimally work together and enable maximum yield grow results on a minimal footprint.

Plug & Play automation

No assembly or setup required. The unit is designed as a pure plug & play device. The easiest way to control and fully automate your grow. Just plant your seed and start your grow.

Be Independent

Minigrow works offline. No dependence on an (unstable) wifi connection, apps, software updates or other external sources. Power consumption is ultra-low, comparable to a 70W light bulb. You don't pay any subscription. The cost-per-grow is super low.

Designed for perfection

Creating grow boxes is all we do. We try to approach the perfect grow box and we do it with an obsessive attention to detail. The unique combination of performance, stealth features and design makes Minigrow the ultimate grow gadget for your home!

Safe and Reliable

Made to perform. Always. Safe.

Safe small grow box
EU Household Safety norms

Minigrow One fully complies with the CE 60335-1 directives, the most strict household safety norms in Europe. Conforms to required fire and electricity safety norms.

2 years guarantee

Components and materials

All materials, parts and components are best in class. The housing is made of fireproof and waterproof PVC. No loose sockets or high voltage, the entire unit is integrated and operates on a safe 24V low voltage.


Minigrow LED

The LED lighting is made to perform optimally in a small grow room. It consists of Osram Square LEDs, by far the most effective LEDs in the market. Our customers achieve yields that are the greatest compared to other LED grow boxes, measured by grow room volume. Plants can grow close to the LED panel. The spectrum and diffusers used are optimized to maximize resin yields with minimal plant height. Smaller plant, less stretch, less leaf, more flower.

Minigrow Filter

The filter system is specially made for the small grow room and super-stealthy. Unpleasant odors are blocked 100% while the noise level is practically inaudible. In particular, the combination of these features is unique. A sturdy and refillable cartridge contains over 600 grams of carbon and functions for more than a year on a filling.

Minigrow Control

The Minigrow is a Plug&Play device. Immediately operational and ready to be used after unpackaging. All functionality to automate your grow-schedule is integrated and controlled via the interactive touch screen.
Minigrow works offline. No Wifi connection, pairing devices or vendor-based App is required to control the Minigrow.