Onze kweekkasten

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Onze kweekkasten

We love to create grow devices. It is the only thing we do since 2016. Our Minigrow One grow box has been around the longest and is our most common sold growbox. It is proven, efficient and with it's minimal dimensions and neutral design, it really fits anywhere.

From time to time, we design new models that will be made available to be sold in our shop. Whether or not as a limited model, like the Minigrow Case.

All our grow devices comply to our quality standards and they share the same core-values:
– True stealth, meaning 100% blocking of light and smell.
– Same core components. Also limited design-editions are part of the regular support process.
– All units come with 2 years guarantee and comply with the required household CE norms.
– Design and build process with obsession for detail. All made to be the perfect grow device.
– Safe and reliable. A Minigrow runs forever without being dependent on wifi, Apps, external servers or software updates.

minigrow logo
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minigrow logo

Onze kweekkasten

We houden ervan om kweekapparaten te maken. Onze Minigrow One kweekkast bestaat al het langst en is onze meest verkochte kweekkast. Van tijd tot tijd ontwerpen we nieuwe modellen die in de winkel beschikbaar komen.

Growbox models

Minigrow One is available since 2017. It has got some upgrades to the latest technology and enhancements. All owners of previous versions are able to upgrade to the latest versions and functionalities also. Its consistent performance, neutral design and the ease of use makes Minigrow One a safe choice for both beginner and experienced growers. Minigrow Case grow box is a limited edition. Also a mini grow cabinet for one plant, with a bold and cool design, based on a flight-case.

Minigrow One

Minigrow Case

Gedurfd en elegant