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Passion to Create

We love to create grow devices. It is the only thing we do. Our Minigrow One grow box has been around the longest and is our most sold growbox. From time to time, we create new models. Some of them will be sold in our shop. Whether or not as a limited model, like the Minigrow Case.

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CAD design

All our boxes are designed based on a Computer Aided Design process (CAD). The majority of the parts and components are designed digitally and manufactured based on modern manufacturing processes. The essential components like the LED panel, filter and control are used in all models.

This design and manufacturing process enables us to create new grow box models and include them in the standard support and guarantee process.

Every Minigrow is based on a few design principles.  All our grow boxes are created with this set of design principles in mind.

Check out our design principles more in detail.

Growbox models

Minigrow One is available in Europe since 2019 and is our most sold growbox. Its consistent performance and great customer reviews makes Minigrow One a safe choice for both beginner and experienced growers. Minigrow One has many happy customers that grow consistent yields throughout the year, year after year. Minigrow One always is kept up to date with the latest components. Minigrow Case is a limited model. Based on a flight case and finished with luxury customized metal parts and a stunning design.

Minigrow One

Minigrow Case

Bold and elegant

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