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Filter upgrade kit for the Minigrow One (Model 19)

Upgrade your Minigrow Model 19 wit the new developed MG500 filter system. This Filter Upgrade Kit is compatible with Model 18 and Model19 versions. 

The MG500 filter is bigger, more robust and requires less maintenance than the MG100 filters used in the Model19 version.

The upgrade kit is a DIY kit and requires to partly reassemble the Minigrow.

All instructions for removing the top and replacing the system are included. No tools required other than a screwdriver for removing the top.

The basic upgrade kit contains:

  • The filter base, that can be mounted without drilling to avoid damaging your Minigrow.
  • All parts required to assemble the filter base and mount it inside the Minigrow
  • A filled MG500 Cartridge
  • Mounting sliders
  • Instructions for replacing the filter system

The basic filter upgrade kit includes all parts required except the two 12cm Noctua fans. Reuse your fans that are installed now in your Minigrow and assemble the kit according to the instructions.

Preassembled upgrade kit

To make the job easier, the assembled upgrade kit is already assembled and includes two new fans. This make the replacement proces easier and faster. Use can your existing fans eg. for creating extra airflow in the Minigrow or keep them as spare fans.


Extra 6cm fan

The Model19 filter system has two fans running inside the box, pushing air outside. This mechanism side-effect of having the fans inside the box is that turbulence results in a small airflow that cools the top of the grow space.

The MG500 filter sucks air from the outside of the box. Although it is not required, we do recommend to use an extra small fan inside the box when upgrading to the Model21 MG500 filter.

Although the large 12cm fans can be used for this purpose too, this smaller is invisible and inaudible.

This will create a small airflow which is enough to create a cooler led-panel and grow-space environment.

All cables and an easy but solid mounting (without tools required) are included.


General remarks

  • Replacing the filter system takes some time and patience. We recommend to reserve 3 hours to perform the replacement. The assembled kit is the easiest and fastest way and requires less time, the extra fan is an easy add-on.
  • This upgrade is meant to enable existing Minigrow users to upgrade to the latest versions of our products.
  • It is not required to upgrade the filter system. The existing filter system in the Minigrow Model 19 works fine, but requires more maintenance compared to the MG500 filter. Smell leaks may occur in some cases.
  • There is no need to upgrade the filter when there is no desire to do so.
  • The filter upgrade kit is recommended when better smell-blocking and/or less maintenance w.r.t. refilling are desired.
  • A maximum of 1 upgrade kit per Minigrow device can be ordered.

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  1. I am a happy owner of the 2019 Minigrowbox and have long thought about purchasing the filter upgrade kit. I finally decided to go for the pre-assembled version.
    The filter upgrade really brings a noticeable improvement and the assembly instructions are very well described. The installation is easy and really fun because you get to know your box better. I would recommend the upgrade to anyone with an R19 version.

    Many thanks to the Minigrow team

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