Heater Pad

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Heater Pad 40W

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With this 40W rubber heater pad, your plant will never get cold!

The heater pad increases temperature in cold nights and days just a few degrees to keep the plant warm.

The warmth is distributed accross a relatively large surface of 25 x 25 cm, avoiding hot spots.

Temperature will raise to a¬†¬†comfortable ‘handwarm’ when on half power.


The Minigrow already has a connector to attach the heater pad to the Minigrow.

Thermostate function for seperate day and night temperature is controlled in the Minigrow UI.

The heater pad is water-proof and compliant with the strict European safetety norms for households: CE-60335-1

The purpose of the heater is to increase the temperature just a few ‘C in cold nights or days.







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