Minigrow One grow box

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Minigrow One is a unique small grow box optimised to grow and flourish one plant in a perfect environment.

A smart grow box that is stealth, safe and very productive.

Enjoy your grow with the ultimate one-plant grow box.



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Minigrow One is a unique and complete grow box. It is the smallest and most productive grow box available.

Main features

Fits anywhere

Minigrow One is a small grow box. The dimensions are only 38x42x80 cm. This way you can easily find a suitable place anywhere in the house. For example in your living, bed or study room.

It is a lot easier to find a place for the Minigrow than for a larger grow box. You simply place it in your living environment, a separate room is not necessary.

The cabinet’s design is neutral and the finish has been perfected on all details, making it a pleasant addition to the interior. You can choose a door pattern that allows you to fit the Minigrow even better into your living environment.

Minigrow operates in full stealth mode.

The filter system is specially made for the Minigrow. The exhaust air is filtered and unpleasant odors are 100% blocked. The filter is equipped with double exhaust fans of the best quality, which reduces noise to practically inaudible.

You can easily refill the approx. 650 grams of activated carbon yourself.

Light is blocked for 100%. Both the air inlet and the door mechanism contain a light labyrinth, which completely blocks incoming or outgoing light.

Minigrow One fits anywhere in your home because of its small dimensions, stealth performance and high-end design.


Minigrow is designed to achieve maximum grow yields in a minimal grow space.

The highly efficient LED panel consists of the best and most durable LEDs on the market today. Effective 65W based on 34 Osram Square LEDs. The chosen light spectrum is specially made for the Minigrow.

The light-spectrum is focused on optimizing resin yield and keeping the plant smaller with thicker stems. The yield contains more flower and less leaves and hairs than the usual “white-with-red” LED panels available on the market.

The LED panel is almost as wide as the growing surface and LEDs are far apart. The panel does not get warmer than hand warm due to a large heatsink. Together with the diffuser panel, the plant can grow almost all the way to the LED panel, without burning.

Our customers use both simple and advanced growing techniques such as scrog, both with excellent results. Minigrow One produces the highest yields in the small grow room. Yields of more than 1 gram per watt are regularly achieved, with significant peaks upwards.

The Minigrow One shows that plants do not need to grow tall and still achieve an excellent yield. Minigrow produces yields that are higher and of better quality than many grow cabinets that are larger.

100% Plug&Play grow cabinet

There is no easier way to grow than with the Minigrow.

 After unpacking, it is immediately operational. You don’t have to assemble or set anything up, everything comes as a complete and handy sized grow box.

Minigrow is an automated grow cabinet designed for both novice and experienced users. You can set the different phases of your grow via a touch screen so that you don’t have to worry about it.

There is no dependency on wifi, internet connection or Apps. You don’t have to pair devices, (re)connect to WiFi or update your app. Your Minigrow is immediately operational when you plug in the wallplug. Even after years, it still works exactly the same without you needing updates or other dependencies.

Automate your grow with the integrated touchscreen. All the necessary functions are just a push of a button away.

You grow on soil in the Minigrow, although it is also possible to grow hydro. Soil gives very good results and is less prone to errors.

The Minigrow is very forgiving.  Also, little is needed in the Minigrow to achieve good results. It is possible to grow in a wide range of temperature and humidity where the plant develops nicely..

Ultra low cost-of-grow

One of the Minigrow design principles is that you become independent and therefore have very low costs per grow.

The Minigrow requires only 70W of power when the box is in full operation, so with the lights on. That is comparable to 2 TL tubes or 1 old-fashioned light bulb and barely noticeable in the power bill. The super-effective LEDs, energy-efficient electronics and low-voltage filter system make this possible. The power used is effectively converted into yield.

Furthermore, you don’t need a subscription, so no recurring costs. Subscription costs are often high over time.
You can use general soil and nutrients which do not cost much. A filter filling lasts more than a year before is needs to be refilled. You can buy activated carbon from us or from another supplier of your choice.

This allows you to grow at ultra low cost-per-grow. An important factor to be independent.

Safe & Reliable

All required safety tests have been successfully passed. Minigrow One fully complies with European CE60335-1 safety standards for household use.

The housing material is made of fire proof PVC. A high-quality material that is water-resistant and insulates well.

You will not find any cables, sockets, pulleys or hoses in the Minigrow. All parts are integrated.

The maximum voltage in the Minigrow is only 24V instead of 220V. This contributes to the safety of the grow device but also to the reliability of the entire system.

Minigrow One is made to perform. Always.



  • External Dimensions: 38,2 x 42 x 79,5 cm (wxdxh)
  • Grow space dimensions: 36 x 38 x 69 cm (wxdxh)
  • Max pot size: ca. 30cm diameter
  • Material: PVC, flame retardant and water resisant
  • Weight: ca. 20 Kg, including packaging ca. 22Kg
  • Electricity usage: 68W in full operation

LED Light

  • 34 * 3W Osram Square LEDs. Real dissipated power consumption LED panel approx. 65W
  • Full spectrum: 400 – 730 nm, blue/green  & IR enhanced for optimising resin yield and thick stems
  • Plant is allowed to grow up to 5 cm to the LED panel
  • Ultra high-transmission removable diffuser panel


  • Minigrow filter system based on activated carbon
  • flattest AC filter available that both blocks 100% and is inaudible at the same time.
  • Replace or refill the cartridge without tools required
  • Refill carbon advised only after 2-3 full grows
  • Double high-pressure fan exhaust ( Noctua’s)  for ultra low noise level of 34dB.


  • Full color touch screen, All functions within two clicks
  • No external network, App  or update required.
  • Grow scheme settings to fully automate your grow and emulate the natural grow seasons
  • White light button and door-open sensor
  • Prepared for future upgrades
  • Heater functionality integrated, sensors integrated


  • Compliant with CE directive EN-60335-1 (household electric appliances)
  • 24V DC 90W Class II power adapter
  • Compliant with  UL94-HB fire safety norms
  • Automatic switch to white light only when door is open
  • Automatic overheating safety switch

Included in package

Minigrow One comes with all that you need to start your grow:

  • The Minigrow One grow box
  • 90W, 24V Class II, IEC60335-1 Power Supply
  • Internal 6cm fan for increasing airflow
  • Removable high performance LED diffuser panel
  • Printed English language manual
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Scrog rack
  • Strong and discrete packaging

More Information

Find out more on the Minigrow One introduction page.

Also, see our reviews
There are plenty of grow reports on the internet available, many from the last 12 months. If you can’t find them or if you want to see some grow reports, please let us know. We will help you finding the grow reports and show what customers actually do with the Minigrow.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 78.5 × 40 × 42.5 cm

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78 reviews for Minigrow One grow box

  1. the box is what you would expect for the price. it’s good looking, stealthy, easy to operate and it provides the perfect environment for one plant. with a little lst and scrog you should cover your personal needs with one plant in this beautiful little box.

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  2. Tolles Design kombiniert mit der besten Technologie in diesem Segment. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf das Ergebnis. Die Bedienung und die Bedienungsanleitung sind super einfach zu verstehen.
    Einfach super Produkt! 🙂

    (0) (0)
  3. The Minigrow One is a real dream come true! I was happy to find such a sophisticated and complete device offered online. After visiting the design studio and meeting the great mind behind it, I was even happier. For once a product that looks as good as on the website’s pictures and keeps all the promises in terms of design and functionality. It’s a true “plug and play” solution! I haven’t finished the first project in the box, yet. But it’s set up and running and everything is as intuitive as described. Would love to report back after my first project, but I am confident that it will fulfill my expectations.

    (4) (0)
  4. After using the box for a while now, i am ready for a review. It came all set up, its just plug and play and i really appreciate that. There is a Manual in english but the box and software is intuitive and easy to use so there is no need to look more than maybe 2 times into it. The box in general is quiet but it depends on how much percent the fans are working. If you turn in up you will definitely notice it. I am using the automatic fan mode and this results in 50% usage which is dynamic but 50% is the minimum at daytime and 30% which is locked at night. 50% sounds like quiet pc fans and is really comfortable and the 30% isnt really noticeable. The box does its work in my bedroom and i never thought its too loud or something like that, i like it alot. The box is well sealed so there is no smell and light coming out of it. But if its completely dark, you can see some light coming out of the air inlet and is reflected a bit by the wall but thats no problem at all, you wont notice it if you dont seek for it. After all, my plant is doing really well and i like how sneaky the box is, it fits well and isnt as obvious and ugly as a big ass growtent. So if you dont want the have a big tent in your home and dont want to build it and do this stuff on your own, this box is what you want and i think its worth the money.

    (3) (0)
  5. I loved the concept immediately when I saw it but was skeptical about the price. After using the box for a while now I can say it’s worth every Euro. It’s so easy to operate, well thought out and just works great. I’m also amazed by how stealthy and quite it really is. Moreover, I love the fact that there is no wireless connection or app required (I’d have never thought this would be a plus for me). I don’t want to miss this cute little box anymore. Awesome product!

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  6. Gewoon 1 woord geweldig!

    (2) (0)
  7. Great bit of equipment! Brilliant service! Highly recommend!

    (1) (0)
  8. Eine Wunderschöne Box. Sie ist sehr hochwertig und macht mega spaß. Ich stehe nun etwa eine Woche vor der Ernte.. also die Personen die sich sorgen wegen des Geruchs machen: Es riecht überhaupt nicht. Endlich eine Box die kein auffälliges auftreten hat und gute Erträge erzielt. Ich bin äußerst zufrieden.

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