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Minigrowbox One

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Minigrowbox One

Minigrowbox One is delivered ready-to-grow and includes:

  • The Minigrowbox
  • Power Supply: Meanwell OWA90E-24 Class II, IEC60335-1
  • Replaceable high performance LED diffuser panel
  • Printed English language manual
  • Two filter cartridges
  • A set of mounting hooks

Everything needed to start your grow except a pot and a seed or clone.

As part of the Minigrowbox European Launch, we offer free shipping costs and one of the doorprints of your choice during summer 2019.

In case your favorite doorprint is sold out, add in the order’s comments. You will be contacted to see how we can deliver your print of choice.

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Weight20 kg
Dimensions44.2 × 46.0 × 88.5 cm

Blue2020, LinenBeige, LinenBlue, WoodgrainDark, WoodgrainLight

40 reviews for Minigrowbox

  1. Rudy C. (verified owner)

    I love it.
    The box is really silent, the display is great and i like the build quality of the box, every detail is nice. Only thing is that the scrog-grid one on of the pics was not included in the order.

    My friend in Antwerp already has the previous version of the Minigrow for a while and got really good results, now finally I have one too!

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  2. Werner

    Have 2 boxes from when it was only available in NL and BE. Great box with incredible yields in scrog for such a small housing, easily getting 50 – 80 grams of dry harvest every time per box, don’t really need the 2nd box with those yields so use that one for keeping tropical plants alive in winter.

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  3. Stijn D.

    Easy to grow, yields a decent amount of herb!
    Decent lighting got about 1 gram per watt (true watt) first grow in this box!
    Mount points for scrog are in the closet which makes things easy!
    No smell when box is closed, super incognito!
    Super satisfied!!! would totaly recommend it!!!

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  4. Gerrit (verified owner)

    Ik ben erg te spreken over de box. Nu verschillende keren gebruikt met verschillende soorten. Beste resultaat was gelijk de 1e keer met 73 gram droog materiaal. Dat was met Auto Bubblegum van DHS. Ook met de Starryder van Dutch Passion (68 gram) en Big Bang autoflower van Greenhouse seeds (42 gram) mooie resultaten behaald. Geen last van geur al moet je uiteraard wel zo af en toe de filters vervangen. Dit is echter makkelijk zelf te doen.

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality

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  6. Seb (verified owner)

    I got a fairly early version of the box so there were some birthing pains. There are several reason I still rate the box so highly.

    The support has been amazing in terms of response time and willingness to find solutions for my particular situation. I’m very confident that you will get help if you need it.

    On top of that the quality of the box is amazing. It seems like it will last a life time, especially the physical box.

    The yield from the box has been very good. Once I started using fertiliser and decent seeds the plant almost outgrew the box despite heavy training. Even with a single plant at a time I can hardly keep up with my consumption of “chillis”.

    The box isn’t cheap but it’s a one stop solution to stealthy growing.

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    100% TOP It is all perfect, size, workmanship, electronics you name it, extra special is the touchscreen full sequence automatic control unit ….. awesome and not network (wi-fi) dependent. Best around !!!

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  8. Marcus (verified owner)

    This system ticks all my boxes: discrete look, super silent, proper filtration and a great LED board. Also I love that the box switches to white light when the door is opened, good for the eyes! The box is small but is using the space inside very effectively thanks to the thin led board and smart fans/filter placement.

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  9. Per (verified owner)

    Slick design, perfect size, almost entirely stealthy noise levels, a perfect fit for even a small appartment.
    Every element of the box seems tailormade, materials robust and stury. The control panel is simple, yet effective, only the ‘Start Over’ button is a bit hard to find. A huge plus for me is that you are able to refill your filters and are not forced to buy disposable overpriced replacements.

    After my first test grow with this box, I am already pretty happy with the results. In comparison to similar sized tents or boxes there seems to be a good balance of airflow, humidity and temperature.

    I can already tell the next grow will turn out even better. 🙂

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  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    When I received the box (which was packed very carefully to avoid any damage that could occur the transport), I was really impressed by the quality of the product: good-quality material, good construction quality as well.
    Every single component is well integrated, there has been quite some engineering on the early stage since all single detail has been thought about. The touch screen is responsive and easy to use. The temperature is not much higher in the box compared to the one outside the box (maybe +1°C).
    I have just starting using so can’t tell about the results yet, however, so far I must admit I’m really happy with this purchase.

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  11. Mark C.

    Well built easy to use. Simple

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  12. Irma M. (verified owner)

    De minigrowbox stelt zeker niet teleur , het is supersimpel om een regelmatige stroom zelf te kweken
    De beginnende kweker lukt het eenvoudig om goede kwaliteit oogst te kweken ,terwijl iemand met veel ervaring een fantastische oogst kan genereren, je wordt geleidelijk met dit kastje steeds beter.
    Het kastje staat bij ons in de woonkamer , naast de slaapkamer . Nu na ruim twee jaar na aanschaf nog nooit hinder gehad qua geluid of geur !
    Het uiterlijk van het kastje is weinig opvallend , wat precies de bedoeling is en op pimpen kan natuurlijk altijd .
    De bediening is zo simpel als tot 1,2,3 tellen en heeft veel mogelijkheden.

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  13. Victor Sassen (verified owner)

    nlGelderland, Netherlands

    The Minigrowbox is a perfect silent invisible way to let your plants grow fast and easy

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  14. Rick N. (verified owner)


    Mooie kast. Werkt helemaal naar behoren. Erg gebruiksvriendelijk.

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  15. Bart (verified owner)


    Yep, it’s expensive. But for me it’s totally worth it.

    It’s easy to use. The instructions are clear and the touchscreen makes it very easy. The menu’s are clear.
    The box is very quiet and low profile (I have it standing in my living room; nobody notices).
    Maintenance is easy, even replacing the active carbon fiber filter stuff is simple to do.

    Is microgrowth your option? This is the way to go.

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  16. Christian (verified owner)

    It works perfect! High quality no noise! The touch screen is awesome! Best box ever everything works without problems! The led is crazy I was thinking there is not enough power but it’s enough and works very well! Customer service is very helpful and friendly!

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  17. Marco

    Hij is in één woord geweldig, goede handleiding, geen rare bouwinstructies gewoon compleet en direct te gebruiken. Een echte plug and play kweekkast die je zelfs in je woonkamer kunt plaatsen.

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  18. Shelli J. (verified owner)

    gbUnited Kingdom

    Compact and discreet cabinet, fits perfect in the home

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  19. Antonio (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the box. Easy to set up and use. The LEDs set is very effective. Good air flow and smell control, while being quiet (though the fans were at most 70% of the speed). It looks also good as a furniture piece. Some minor things that could be improved in my opinion: the carbon filter leaks a bit of carbon when the box is moved; a slightly bigger touchscreen would be nice.

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  20. Andrew (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with the product and after sales service. Very high quality product and outstanding performance. Shipping was super fast and customer service is very helpful! Really happy with this purchase 🙂

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  21. David G. (verified owner)


    After hard searching and comparisons on cabinet, boxes,…, on the net, the Minigrowbox has everything I was looking for matching at once the quality of the loved know-how with the limited budget of the first grower. The panel OS (control screen) is simple and intuitive, however Manuals and Instructions are included for your own growing schedule and light programming. In a very quiet room, you need to pay attention in order to hear the fans, otherwise it is soundless as a desktop PC.

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  22. Simon (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Great product, well made and super easy to use. Having just completed my first grow in this box i can say it does what’s its meant to do. I added a heater as I’m in the UK, and a extra fan inside to help keep air moving around. The guys are great at replying to any questions. I can’t stress how nice this is to use and how well it blends in with other furniture around the room.

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  23. Martina (verified owner)

    atVienna, Austria

    spitzenbox,… also ich muss sagen diese box sieht absolut hübsch aus und passt perfekt auch in den noch so kleinsten raum und funkt einwandfrei – ist echt – auch für frauen – kinderleicht zu bedienen, quasi learning by doing,…. :O) und macht es grosse freude die pflanze darin behütet grosszuziehen,…

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  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    If you’re here, that means you’re probably on the market for a growbox, and have been comparing the different options, considering which one to buy. I was like you. So let me just outline why I’m extremely happy that I ended up buying this one.

    – Beautiful design. It fits right into our living room.
    – Stealth. Even with the fans going, it’s basically silent. You could even have it in your bedroom and wouldn’t notice a thing.
    – Convienience. The inbuilt LED display is fantastic, and has all the features you could want from a growbox!
    – Plug N Play. It took me about 10 minutes from unboxing to starting the grow.
    – Quality. It feels like a solid piece of hardware, and everything from the materials used to the craftmanship is high quality!

    In summary, stop looking, stop thinking that you can build your own box easier or cheaper, and just get this one. You won’t regret it!

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  25. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Box works exactly as described in particular the promises regarding no noise/smell were spot on. i couldn’t be happier and the results are great

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  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Für den Eigenbedarf ist die Box sehr empfehlenswert! Sie ist Klein unauffällig und hat ein super Design. Man kann Licht, Dunkelheit und Wind Manuell oder Automatisch einstellen. Man braucht nicht viel wissen da die Box alles selbst schon weiß, mann muss also nur gießen und Zusehen! 😉 Wenn man noch den heater pad dazu Bestellt kann man auch die Temperatur einstellen also das ganze Jahr über optimale Bedingungen für die Pflanze! Der Preis ist zwar bisschen Teuer aber zahlt sich dafür aufjedenfall aus! Die Lieferung war Kostenlos und Expressversand was mich sehr gefreut hat. Der Kundenservice ist auch sehr Freundlich und Top! 🙂

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  27. Paul (verified owner)

    Perfect size and no need to do anything apart from turn it on. Easy unpacking and simple start up instructions. Within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box it was operational, one plug, no fuss and no complicated wiring or ventilation needs. Touch display like a phone, easy and simple to use and set up. Fans are very quite and looks like a speaker. Highly recommended worth every cent. Will buy again.

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  28. Anonymous (verified owner)


    Je recommande Minigrow, c’est un rêve.

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  29. Jurgen (verified owner)

    beFlanders, Belgium

    Een prachtding voor wie niets van planten kent. Ongelooflijk makkelijk te programmeren, ziet er mooi uit en maakt inderdaad geen geluid of geur.

    Ik gebruik hem nu in combinatie met een autopotsysteem, omdat de eerste oogst wat mager uitviel doordat ik wat te weinig water had gegeven (via blumatsysteem, naar het einde toe voor het uitwassen, heeft ie dan wat te weinig water gekregen). Maar wel topkwaliteit in smaak (white widow auto CBD)!

    Nu groeit de plant geweldig gewoon, moet regelmatig bijsnoeien en hij levert dikke klassetoppen af.

    Het beste bewijs voor de kwaliteit van deze box is dat ik ondertussen al een tweede heb bijbesteld. Zo blij want niet meer afhankelijk van louche types 🙂

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  30. Alex

    An amazingly well thought out grow box – we are absolutely delighted by the design. If you don’t want to turn your house up side down to grow your tomatoes indoors then this is the solution.

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  31. Philipp (verified owner)

    atVienna, Austria

    Qualitative Einzelteile, super Design. Für mich die beste kompakte und unauffällige Komplettlösung. Auch wenn nicht billig, immer noch wesentlich günstiger als andere Stealthboxen. Schnelle Lieferung und netter Kontakt.

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  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  33. William (verified owner)

    An exceptional design with excellent build quality… The quality is in line with the price! I ordered it and don’t regret it!

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  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I just wanted to take a little time to review the Minigrowbox and as I bought the product after reading the other good reviews, I thought it would be good to add my experience here as well.

    First and foremost, I think the strongest point about the product is the clever design. It is non-obtrusive, stylish and is able to blend perfectly into a normal decor. My box sits literally in my living room and it is barely noticeable to people who have come through: friends, repair people, etc. It’s small size also means that it works well in an urban environment like mine where we don’t have a whole lot of space. If you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of gardening in a restricted space, this product is for you.

    The LED set up is powerful and my plants responded very well. So much so that I had to do pretty significant training to keep the plant small enough for the space. The little eyelets and hooks that are provided are perfect for this and were very useful. The built-in mini computer also automates the lighting functions as well as providing an accurate readout of box temperature and humidity, which really helps to keep on top of the internal environment. I haven’t used the heating pad yet, but come winter, I might invest in this.

    Having two ventilation fans also insures more than enough airflow though the box, which meant that the temperature within never really exceeded the temperature of the room. The constant influx of CO2 was also evident in how much the plant loved the space. It is so quiet that I have never noticed the noise unless I really get right up next to the exhaust duct, and even then it’s a whisper. I had a small issue with the carbon filters, but the support from the company is excellent and they responded right away to fix the problem. This is one of the best parts of the product, you can really feel that they care about their work and having happy and satisfied customers. You can’t say that about many companies these days, so you can buy with confidence that you’ll have great after-market support. My experience proves this.

    I think that this product is the best-designed grow box on the market, bar none. You can feel the craftsmanship and the thought that has gone into designing and building it. If you are wanting to enjoy urban gardening and hesitating between all of the options available, I would definitely recommend to buy this one. 10/10

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  35. Christian (verified owner)


    This Minigrowbox is very efficient, looks great at home and is easy to use. Would highly recommend!

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  36. Wouter (verified owner)

    A few weeks ago I harvested my second plant (Big Bang Autoflower – Greenhouse Seeds) and again I was surprised about the result (65gr). The Minigrowbox is an amazing device helping the inexperienced grower like myself to achieve amazing results.

    The main thing to keep in mind is to take your time to get informed about the device (RTFM) and the best practices you can find on-line regarding germination/light/flowering/harvesting/… What struck me was how the Minigrowbox matches/adapts easily to what you read on-line and how you can tweak the device settings to your personal preference. In the end you have complete control on the final product, and this is great advantage!

    I strongly recommend this device, it works like a charm, you won’t regret the investment!

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  37. Rene E. (verified owner)

    esAndalusia, Spain

    This Mini growbox is amazing. In the past 2 years i’ve grown 5 beautiful plants with each plant delivering between 55 and 75 grams dry. ( Powerplant and Jack Diesel) My first grow I just let it happen and a I ended up a whopping 55 grams dry. I didn´t do anything special. Just used tapwater. ( Very high on calcium here in Spain and probably a lot of other stuff ) and that´s it. No feeding nothing. I do use the biggest pot I can fit.

    After reading up a bit on the subject I decided to train my next plant. Stil only tapwater and no feeding. Did my bending and stuff and ended up with 55 grams again.

    Took more time with the third and started with keeping the Ph values in check and started proper feeding. I hit 73 grams dry.

    My fourth plant got hit by Tripsen but a with the help of a few killer insects this was solved quickly but it did hurt the growth a bit. Summer wasn´t very friendly either. 60 grams dry.

    Now basically a bit of an expert my last plant lays almost flat on the bottom and the buts have al the space to grow. This is going to be a killer. (Buts hit 30 cm now)

    Why this story.
    The mini growbox is an investment and yes there are cheaper ways to grow. But I also hear and see that more than half the time these tents and cases and what so ever don´t deliver.

    With the mini growbox even a bad grow turns into a good one.

    After your first grow you will notice that the possibillities and ways of growing your plant are endless. You can set prefered lighting but the defeault setting does basically everything. This system set up that well. These people actually must have spent hours and hours figuring out the right amount of light, colours and power precisly suitable for this box. And it works like dream.

    I grow my plants according to my needs here in Spain and not only do I have the right stuff to ease my pains, (should have written joints:), but also don´t have to roam the streets buying from dodgy people.

    I always have top top quality thanks to the mini growbox…
    Oh yeah..And its a lot of really is.

    This is to me probably the best invention since the car..

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  38. Thomas G. (verified owner)


    After 5 months in use, I‘d like to write a small review on the MiniGrowBox. I have started my first grow in the beginning of June, and tried a non-autoflowering strain which normally can be grown as a compact plant using the ScrOG method on Coco substrate and 2-stage fertilizer system (grow and bloom). I am happy to write that the box brings everything I need for my stealthy gardening hobby: inconspicuous, silent, no smell, while it simply provides the conditions my plants need. I have put the box in my guest room, and so far nobody came across its little secret. By mid-September, I got my first, aromatic harvest, about 28 g (well dried), while I have already started with a new seedling which I have placed in a small pot in the corner of the box. This way, I think I might be able to grow about 4 plants a year. The interface of the MiniGrowBox (a small touch screen) is easy to understand; an auto-pilot program can be used as it is, or adapted manually according to your preferred schedule (e.g. phase extension, light/dark cycle or air flow) – it just works reliably. So, if you think about the price – yes, you can have it cheaper when you go by do-it-yourself. But if you are not so much into the technology or handcrafting, and you just want to be independent in your supply, you will look for a system that is designed as small as possible, provides high quality components and is easy to manage. Then, the MiniGrowBox is probably the box you should choose.

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  39. SoaPGrower (verified owner)

    Minigrowbox è un prodotto professionale e di qualità alta. In soli 3 mesi ( di una calda estate) ho ottenuto un raccolto di 70 g da un’autofiorente.
    Come scritto nelle specifiche nella fase finale si avverte un po’ di odore fuoriuscire dalla growbox, nulla di troppo forte e che non sia risolvibile con una candela profumata o un incenso. Devo inoltre aggiungere che per qualsiasi problema sarete aiutati tempestivamente dal supporto clienti, molto professionale, efficace e presente.
    La qualità delle luci è eccezionale e, nonostante all’apparenza il wattaggio possa sembrare basso, è in realtà più che sufficiente per produrre buds compatti e profumati!
    Se cercate qualcosa che soddisfi vostre piccole esigenze questo è esattamente cosa state cercando. Raccomando fortemente! P.S.:Oltretutto è un bellissimo comodino.

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  40. Alison (verified owner)

    gbUnited Kingdom

    Once we found Minigrowbox, we knew this is what we needed. It was delivered quickly; it is a high quality product, compact, quiet, and SO easy to use. We have had a couple of questions which have been answered very, very quickly. I have one happy husband! Not yet ready to share yield ….. Cross fingers

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  41. Andy (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Absolutely love my Minigrow, I was skeptical of the price at first but I don’t think there is anywhere else that offers such a professional set-up and I think it is definitely worth the money if you want a fun little home project. The technology and beautiful finish is making my growing experience far more enjoyable than it would have been with a cheaper basic set-up. Highly recommend and don’t let the price put you off.

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  42. Marco (verified owner)

    Just one Word: Amazing !
    You really can grow your own High-End Plant in the Minigrow.
    My first Harvest was 85g dry Material !
    It was a White Widow Automatic.
    I used Plagron Grow-Mix for soil, and HESI to feed up my Buds. I used LST Technique and Scrog !
    The LED is absolutly Insane and the best you can actually get. Support is also fantastic if you need any help. This is handcraftet Quality and worth every Cent.
    Im happy to have my own Wed and the next Plant is on the Run 🙂

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  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

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