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  1. Thomas (geverifieerde eigenaar)


    Die Box ist hochwertig, gut verarbeitet und das Design sehr schön.
    Die Einstellungen an der Box sind unkompliziert und sehr einfach!
    Es ist ein sehr gutes Produkt!
    Ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen!
    Man sieht die leidenschaft des entwicklers.

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  2. Anoniem (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    After using the box for a while now, i am ready for a review. It came all set up, its just plug and play and i really appreciate that. There is a Manual in english but the box and software is intuitive and easy to use so there is no need to look more than maybe 2 times into it. The box in general is quiet but it depends on how much percent the fans are working. If you turn in up you will definitely notice it. I am using the automatic fan mode and this results in 50% usage which is dynamic but 50% is the minimum at daytime and 30% which is locked at night. 50% sounds like quiet pc fans and is really comfortable and the 30% isnt really noticeable. The box does its work in my bedroom and i never thought its too loud or something like that, i like it alot. The box is well sealed so there is no smell and light coming out of it. But if its completely dark, you can see some light coming out of the air inlet and is reflected a bit by the wall but thats no problem at all, you wont notice it if you dont seek for it. After all, my plant is doing really well and i like how sneaky the box is, it fits well and isnt as obvious and ugly as a big ass growtent. So if you dont want the have a big tent in your home and dont want to build it and do this stuff on your own, this box is what you want and i think its worth the money.

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  3. Anoniem

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  4. Marvin (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    I loved the concept immediately when I saw it but was skeptical about the price. After using the box for a while now I can say it’s worth every Euro. It’s so easy to operate, well thought out and just works great. I’m also amazed by how stealthy and quite it really is. Moreover, I love the fact that there is no wireless connection or app required (I’d have never thought this would be a plus for me). I don’t want to miss this cute little box anymore. Awesome product!

    Minigrow One grow boxMinigrow One kweekkast

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  5. Marvin

    Very responsive and helpful

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