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The ultimate home grow device

Small and productive

Minigrow is a unique small grow box, optimized to grow and flourish one single plant in a perfect environment. Minigrow is the newest generation grow box, designed to be small, easy to control, high quality and very productive.

Enjoy growing your favorite plant in the ultimate one-plant growbox!

Fits anywhere

Fits anywhere

Minigrow is the smallest growbox available. It fits in any interior, small or large and is a welcome companion in your home or apartment.

Family and friends may not even notice because Minigrow is in super stealth mode: no light, no smell, no sound. 

Most productive ever

Minigrow and all of it’s components are designed to make the best use of the available space. The powerful LED engine enables your plant to grow close to the light and the filters are the smallest available. 

Minigrow is the most productive growbox ever, measured per volume growspace.

User Interface Set Grow Scheme

Automated Control

Automate your grow with the intuitive touch screen. All key functions are just one click away. Minigrow is specially designed to operate offline. No dependency on any network, (unstable) wifi connection or App.

Just plant your seed and start your grow!

Made in Holland

Minigrow is designed and manufactured in Holland. Development has taken 5 years, with obsessive attention for detail. Minigrow complies with the most strict safety directives for household appliances in Europe.

With the unique combination of quality, design and technology, Minigrow is the ultimate home gadget!

Made in Holland



Order & availability

Since June 2019, Minigrow can be ordered now on our webshop for all countries in the EU (including Norway and Switzerland).
If you live elsewhere and wish to order Minigrow, please contact us at
Minigrowbox is priced at EUR 1.199,- including VAT.


No subscription or any other hidden costs apply.
Shipping costs may apply, but we will provide free shipping in the introduction period!
Filter cartridges can be purchased on our website of via our partners, but you can refill the cartridges also yourself if you like.
Optional accessoires could added later if you like.
Minigrowbox already has many happy customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. We have sold our first Minigrowbox in 2017, only in small  batches without any marketing efforts.
In that way we were able to get both happy customers and valuable customer feedback. 
This is our fourth major version of our Minigrow with many functional and technical improvements.
Additional reviews are on our partners sites.
Minigrowbox is both proven and innovative!


Minigrow is designed to optimally grow one plant at a time

Yes! Simply insert a pot with soil and a seed, configure the touch-screen based schedule timer (or use default settings) and start your grow. Watering your plant just like you would do with any other plant. Inexperienced growers should start simple and observe how the plant develops. In subsequent grows you can then apply more advanced techniques. Enjoy watching your plant grow from day to day!
Yes! Minigrow lets you get maximum yield from a small grow box. Advanced growing techniques like scrog are very suitable for applying in the Minigrowbox. many experienced growers have already made really surprising results.
Minigrow is best used with light-loving-plants. The light spectrum inside the Minigrow keeps plants smaller than they would grow outside, but you should still target smaller strains.
Minigrow is the smallest grow box currently available. You’ll always be able to find a suitable spot in your home.
The lighting, diffusers, filters and air flow are all designed for small space and minimal height.
The filters are so small that they minimal space in the growbox, leaving more space for the plant.
The fixtures and hooks let you use ropes or a scrog frame.
The LED engine is especially designed to allow the plant canopy be very close to the plant (only 5-10 cm distance).
Many of our partners and customers, with varying degrees of experience, have succesfully grown plants in Minigrow already.
We advise against growing large plants, unless you use advanced techniques. Keep in mind that plants don’t need to grow tall in order to produce a high yield.
E.g. instead of tomatoes, we recommend the smaller tomato strains, since tomato plants can become large, while their smaller strains do great,
Our users and partners prefer soil based medium because it provides the best balance in ease, cost, yield, convenience and low-risk.


Minigrow uses a safe ‘laptop’ power device. With all lights switched on, it consumes about 70W. The box uses between 0,75kWh and 1,4 kWh per day. To compare, an average fridge uses 3kWh per day.
If optional heater pads and/or led strings are in use, more power is consumed. The Power Supply is ‘oversized’ and able to also provide the extra power needed.
Minigrow uses 32 * 3W of the best available Osram Square and SSL LEDS. These LEDs are more expensive than other brands, but far more effective and durable. Total dissipated power is about 60W. A wide lighting angle and the optional diffuser spread the lightevenly. The light spectrum with enhanced blue is optimized to maximize yield and keep the plant small at the same time. IR wavelength is included. Individually adjustable LED groups can be seperately configured for grow and flower.
Usually, plants must have a minimum distance between canopy and led fixture of 20cm or more. The Minigrow LED light is able to only have a few cm from the canopy without ‘burning’ the plant. This makes advanced scrog techniques very suitable to apply.
The unique patented activated carbon filters are the smallest activated carbonfilters on the market today.
They contain ca. 110gr. of activated carbon pellets (instead of foam or another non-mass medium) per cartridge.
By having two filterunits, the fans don’t need to work as hard, reducing noise even further and improving filter medium surface. Because of the small dimensions, this greatly increases grow-space.
The active carbon cartridges are easily replaced without the need for using tools.
The filters work great, although we have had a few cases reported that a little smell was noticable at the last phase of the flowering. Adding some (included in package) carbon in the cartridges usually solves a leak.
We know that many devices and gadgets nowdays are controlled using a smartphone or tablet. We had that in 2017 in our first version of the Minigrow .
One of the most remarkable customer feedback back in 2017 was the wish to not be dependent on Wifi or any network at all! 
Instead, users liked real easy, on-the-box control that is not connected to any network and not dependent on Apps or networks (from other companies).
It should just work standalone, always, and be easier than using the App.
No need to run through a setup process, pair devices, register an account, remember a password or deal with unstable Wifi networks and an even easier control.
Minigrow will always work on the same easy way.
The LEDs are very intense for the human eye. You must always be very cautious to not look directly into the light! The LEDs normally produce very bright purple light. This is good for the plant, but can be very intense to your eyes when you open the door. With a single tap on the touch screen, you switch to a more convenient white light. Another tap switches the light back to the original setting.
Update: With a just introduced new feature, the light will automatically switch to White-only if the door is opened, and turns back to the normal LED settings when the door is closed again.