We compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Minigrow grow box Models

We love to design and create grow devices.
Our in-house design facilities enables us to create multiple designs, equipped with the same core components.
Minigrow One is our most shipped grow device model.
Both models are available in our webshop or that of our partners. 
Minigrow Case is a special design, limited version.
The design is the main difference. All models are equipped with the same core components. See the Specs for a comparision table between Minigrow One and Minigrow Case. 

Congratulations (-:

Minigrow One Model 19 is the predecessor of the current Minigrow One. 

As we have promised with the release of our first models back in 2017, Minigrow can be upgraded with new products and innovations.

There are no differences is technology or materials used. The new filter module (MG500) is a real upgrade compared with the existing filter system.

A Filter upgrade kit is available to upgrade the Model 19 with the new and better MG500 filter system. 

Minigrow is a future-proof investment.

Sorry, both means the same. Minigrowbox is the same Minigrow One Model 19. The new 2021 update of Minigrowbox is Minigrow One Model 21. 

Order and availability

All Minigrow grow box models can be ordered in our webshop and shipped to all EU countries including the United Kingdom and Switzerland.
For questions, please contact us at info@Minigrowbox.com.
The Minigrow grow devices are priced between EUR1.249 and EUR 1.499 including VAT. 
Since July 1st 2021, local VAT rates are applied based on the shipping address in Europe.
For countries outside the EU (UK and Switzerland), VAT and duty payment will be handled via DHL. Payments in our shop are exempt from VAT.
DHL will send the Duty and VAT invoice, to be paid when the package is delivered.

In addition to the price of the Minigrow itself, other costs may apply during checkout:

  • Shipping cost do apply dependent on the region/country of delivery. 
  • For some payment methods like Paypal, we ask a percentage of the payment costs. Paypal offers buyer protection.
No subscription or other recurring costs apply.

In a discrete and solid packaging.

The Minigrow is delivered as a 100% plug-and-play device.

Take the Minigrow One out of the packaging, plug the power supply in and the box is operational within minutes. 

Everything is included to start your grow, except for a pot, soil and a seed or clone. 

All Minigrow grow devices come with 2 years guarantee, based on the EU consumer law.

Fortunately, Minigrow almost never fails. The box and all of its parts are built to run forever.

Of course, there is always a change that something breaks. 

Minigrow is built modular, meaning that components that fail, can be replaced as a unit. 

Support is done based on remotely identifying and solving the issue. With instructions and email or phone-contact, our support team helps solving the issue remotely.

This almost always leads to a satisfactory solution.

If remote support does not solve the issue, we ask to send the device to us, we repair and send it back.

Keep the packaging to make sure that you can send the box if needed.


Minigrow is designed to optimally grow one plant at a time

Yes! Simply insert a pot with soil and a seed and start your grow. Watering your plant once in a while.
Inexperienced growers could start simple and observe how the plant develops. In subsequent grows you can then apply more advanced techniques.
Enjoy watching your plant grow from day to day!
Yes! Minigrow lets you get maximum yield from a small grow box. Advanced growing techniques like scrog are very suitable for applying in the Minigrowbox.
Many experienced growers have already made really surprising results.
The quality of the LED panel , fans and other key parts are the best and specifically designed for the small space.
Please send us an email for grow examples.
Minigrow is best used with light-loving-plants. The light spectrum inside the Minigrow keeps plants smaller than they would grow outside, but you should still target smaller to medium height strains.
Minigrow is the smallest grow box currently available. You’ll always be able to find a suitable spot in your home.
All components are built and optimized for the small grow space and height.
The fixtures and hooks let you use ropes or a scrog frame.
The LED engine is especially designed to allow the plant canopy be very close to the plant (only 5-10 cm distance).
Many users did successful grows already. Dry yield between 25 and 85 gr. with an average of 60 gr is achieved so far by growers with varying degrees of experience.
We advise against growing large plants, unless you use advanced techniques.
Keep in mind that plants don’t need to grow tall in order to produce a high yield.
E.g. instead of tomatoes, we recommend the smaller tomato strains, since tomato plants can become large, while their smaller strains do great,
Soil based medium because it provides the best balance in ease, cost, yield, convenience and low-risk.
Most yield vs. lowest risk.


With all lights switched on, Minigrow consumes about 70W. The box uses between 0,75kWh and 1,4 kWh per day. To compare, an average fridge uses 3kWh per day.
If optional heater pads and/or led strings are in use, more power is consumed. The included Power Supply is ‘oversized’ and able to also provide the extra power needed for a heating element.
Minigrow uses 34 * 3W of the best available Osram Square LEDS. These LEDs are more expensive than other brands, but far more effective and durable.
The led module is specifically designed for the small space.
A wide lighting angle and the optional diffuser spread the light evenly. The light spectrum with enhanced white color is optimised for maximising yield and keep the plant small at the same time.
IR wavelength is included as flowering catalyst. Individually adjustable LED groups can be configured for blue- and red-dominant light.
The latest versions of specific White Oslon Square leds are used. They are more efficient and contains a tiny bit of 500-500nm green light. This replaced the 470nm that we used so far for the specific goal of keeping short stems. As a result, white leds have a slight flavour of green.
Usually, plants must have a minimum distance between canopy and led fixture of 20cm or more. The Minigrow LED light is able to only have 10 cm from the canopy without ‘burning’ the plant. This makes advanced scrog techniques very suitable to apply.
The filter system is a solid, quiet and reliable filter system. The filter is made to fit in small grow spaces. 
The carbon bed contains more than 600 gr of activated coconut carbon. 
Two of the most quiet and powerful Noctua fans are used to minimise sound and maximise static pressure. 
The cartridge is refillable. Either refill it yourself with activated carbon buy a pre-filled cartridge, you are free to choose. 
We know that many devices and gadgets nowdays are controlled using a smartphone or tablet. We had that in 2017 in the first version of the Minigrow.
One of the most remarkable customer feedback back in 2017 was the wish to not be dependent on Wifi or any network at all! 
Instead, users liked real easy, on-the-box control that is not connected to any network and not dependent on Apps or networks. It should just work standalone, reliable, and be even easier than using the App.
No need to run through a setup process, pair devices, register an account, remember a password or deal with unstable Wifi networks and an even easier control.
Minigrow will always work on the same easy way.
The LEDs are very intense for the human eye. The LEDs normally produce very bright purple light. This is optimal for the plant, but very intense to your eyes. With a single tap on the touch screen, you switch to a white light. Another tap switches the light back to the original setting.
The light will automatically switch to White-only if the door is opened, and turns back to the normal LED settings when the door is closed again.
You can use the button to toggle between white/normal settings.
The latest versions of specific White Oslon Square leds are used. More efficient and contains a tiny bit of 500-500nm green light. This replaced the 470nm blue that we used so far for the specific goal of keeping short stems.
As a result, white light has a bit of a green hue.


Minigrowbox is delivered in a robust and discrete packaging box. After unpackaging, it is immediately ready for use. Plug in the main power supply and you can start your grow.


For UK customers: the Minigrow adapter is equipped with a Euro wall-connector. A Euro/UK wall-connector adapter is required.

There is no obligation to buy from us in the future. You don’t need expensive subscriptions or proprietary filter or nutrition needs.
You will always be free to choose where you want to buy you nutritions or filter medium.
Changing a small battery in the display once in a few years to keep the time correct when the power is off the box is basically the only maintenance. Of course, for growing you need to use pot, soil and optionally nutrition.
We sell filter cartridges for easy replacement but you can always choose to refill the existing cartridges yourself.

Minigrow grow devices are tested and have passed the strict CE household safety norms (IEC60335-1).

Minigrow already has many happy customers in Europe since the European launch in 2019.
The first Minigrowbox was sold in 2017, only in small  batches, without any marketing efforts and with the goal to develop the perfect box.
The 2021 models are the fifth version of our Minigrow grow boxes with slight  improvements based on extensive customer feedback.
Additional reviews are on our partners sites.
Minigrowbox is both proven and innovative!